Illyrian Shadow

The Place Where the Petals Fall

After watching the failed execution of a powerful man named Jackson, the Inquisition attacked Jisai and Ariel. After interrogating some of the inquisition that attacked, the group found a peice of paper with an address on it:
“Ivory Ward
94th District
After sneaking their way into now wartime Kael’or the group found a strange man who they refered to as, “The Traveler.” Diverting from their mission of finding out information on Kael’Or’s current plans the group decided to investiagte a ruined town a day from Shadowsrun. What they found was an ancient city covered in purple flowers. Upon entering the town they found it different from what they originally saw it.

Inside a cave in the center of the town was a sleeping dragon, trapped inside the dream as they were. After fighting a Balor demon who responded to being called “The Burning Dawn” they were able to escape from the dragon’s dream/nightmare. They took her to Shadowsrun where she collapsed from her injuries sustained years ago.


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