• Lanara Lighthand

    Lanara Lighthand

    A blond haired half-elf,she carries a holy symbol of the elven god.
  • Yen-Sid


    A Human Mage, wearing long blue robes.
  • Blueszelth "Blue"

    Blueszelth "Blue"

    A Bronze dragon with blueing edges on her wings. She has scars and cut marks over the majority of her body.
  • Dorian Veledaar

    Dorian Veledaar

    Dorian has short brown hair and wears a long brown cloak.
  • King Jisai Atrys

    King Jisai Atrys

    Jisai wears his blonde hair long. His armor shines as though it has a glow of its own, and the sword on his hip crackles with energy.
  • Queen Ariel Cilo

    Queen Ariel Cilo

    A young woman dressed in earth tone clothes, she wears a small crown on her head.
  • Tiber Duran

    Tiber Duran

    A young man dressed in dark robes, presumed dead.
  • Val Zeren

    Val Zeren

    A slender elf with long blonde hair pulled into a pony tail. He wears a green tunic with shining mithral armor.